New Business Books for the 21st Century Align Modern Technology and Consumer Insight

Press Release – Published 2:16 PM GMT, October 23, 2023

Baldur Gudgeirsson, who has studied, designed and implemented sales, marketing and service systems in many of the largest markets in the world, has published four interconnected books explaining business in the 21st century.

The Iceland native’s international clients have included Nestlé, Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola, Danone, Cadbury, Bols, Prince and many other major companies. His work has spanned continents, from Eastern and Western Europe to Asia.

“With radical technological innovations, everything has changed: how we shop, how we work, how we communicate, how we socialize, how we seek information and how we pay our bills. In response, how businesses ‘go to market’ has evolved and become multifaceted,” Gudgeirsson said. “To understand the effects of these radical technological changes and how to rethink your business, we need the next generation of business books that explain how to transform most effectively and efficiently, honoring consumer insights.”

Gudgeirsson’s four books are:

• Technology Innovation: How technology innovation will shape our future

• Business Innovation: Rethinking your business and strategic marketing to build a robust company

• Sales Activation: Create needs and fulfill demands at the point-of-purchase

• Operations Execution: Operations excellence is the foundation for building competitive advantages

Technology Innovation explores the cutting-edge world of technology innovation and the limitless potential of technological advancements. Readers will discover how they will reshape industries, revolutionize businesses and transform everyday lives, and discover how technology titans developed creative business models that built successful companies. Readers will also learn firsthand how a groundbreaking technology and innovation focus can propel businesses to new heights.

Whether an entrepreneur, business leader or aspiring innovator, Gudgeirsson says “these practical insights will help you unlock your potential for growth and success. Stay one step ahead of the competition by understanding technological advancements’ trajectory and positioning yourself as a forward-thinking leader.”

Business Innovation shares the transformative principles that redefine the landscape of business and strategic marketing. The book serves as a guide to constructing resilient, forward-thinking organizations. It underscores the significance of continuous self-renewal, breaking conventional boundaries and harnessing groundbreaking innovations to cultivate sustainable competitive advantages. Central to its message is the idea that consumer insights should be the driving force behind any transformation. By actively gathering and analyzing these insights, businesses gain the power to anticipate and meet the ever-evolving needs and desires of their target audience. Furthermore, they can accurately gauge their organizational readiness to seize emerging business opportunities. Packed with invaluable insights and actionable strategies, this book is essential reading for C-suite executives and forward-looking leaders seeking to navigate the dynamic realm of modern business.

Sales Activation provides practical insights into both offline and online shopping. At the core of sales activation lies a dual-faceted planning process at the point of purchase. On the one hand, it involves defining the concept of ‘the look of success’ at the point of purchase, showcasing what success truly entails. On the other hand, it necessitates the development of comprehensive service systems, ensuring the seamless execution of this vision. The outcome? Tangible, quantifiable enhancements to sales performance, tried and tested to deliver results.

This captivating book doesn’t just promise but proves its ability to elevate sales figures. It also delves into crucial topics such as omni-channel marketing, illuminating shopping insights, effective category management, optimized distribution strategies and the art of creating a winning “route to market.” Sales Activation is an invaluable resource for anyone seeking to boost sales, enhance services and drive profitability.

Operations Execution makes a compelling case for the primary root of companies’ inability to secure a competitive edge – their failure to establish and implement effective sales and operations planning (S&OP). What many don’t realize is how deeply this planning penetrates within an organization. Integrated S&OP serves as the “cure,” eradicating excess inventory, minimizing waste and keeping value from eroding. Furthermore, the book delves into operations excellence, offering comprehensive insights into warehouse management, production optimization and procurement management. It’s a resource that unravels operations management complexities, making it accessible to all readers.

Through a well-thought-out process, the four books encompass the entire commercial and operations environment of a business.

Gudgeirsson founded his own international consulting service, TPC-Consulting, in January 2002. Since launching his business, the business industries he has studied, analyzed and worked for include startup companies, technical services, smart homes, retail and wholesale, business-to-business and leisure and entertainment.

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