21st Century Business Books

The following four books are classified in the field of business for the 21st century. Technological innovation has changed how we communicate, how we socialize, how we seek information, how we shop, how we pay our bills, and how we transfer money. Thus, building competitive advantages requires incorporating changing consumer perspectives.

Technology Innovation

How technology innovation will shape our future.

The next big technology transformations.

Business Innovation

Rethinking your business and strategic marketing to build a robust company.

Continually discover new innovative ways of doing business.

Sales Activation

Create needs and fulfill demands at the point-of-purchase.

To maximize sales effectiveness, keep your efforts focused on the point-of-purchase

Operations Execution

Operations excellence is the foundation for building competitive advantages.

Focus on operations – they account for two-thirds of company costs!

As a result of the technological revolution, many aspects of our everyday
lives have changed, including how companies market their products and
serve their consumers. Likewise, due to technological innovation, “how to go
to market” has evolved and has become multifaceted. In these four books,
you will learn how to manage the evolution of business in the modern age.