Business Innovation

Rethinking Your Business And Strategic Marketing To Build A Robust Company

Business Innovation

Growth Strategies for Real Businesses

This book exposes best-in-class business concepts and strategies. The book will help you create competitive advantages by converting them into business realities.

Kelvin J. Mutter

Business Innovation
Business Innovation

Highly Recommend

With the help of this book, I have discovered solid ideas and road paths the market leader employs in order to succeed in the short and long term.

Mark Williams

Continually discover new innovative
ways of doing business

In this book readers will find practical information that is actionable and organized, so they can understand the business of tomorrow

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Here are 10 things you’ll learn from this book

Explains the “3Cores In Business” concept.

Rethinking your business model, challenging the status quo, and stretching borders are your top priorities.

Emphasizes the importance of “strategic thinking” to create continuous values, above the competitors.

Showing how to leverage consumer insight information to expose new needs and trends ahead of the competitors.

Showing how to strengthen your business through realistic showcases.

How to master winning strategies.

Learn that success in business is to continually innovate to capture, create and fulfill values better than the competitors, throughout the entire journey.

Understand the vision, mission and values wheel.

Learn the importance of setting clear, realistic and challenging business targets.

That all companies should initiate growth statements and develop a business plan to achieve their targets and goals.

…. and much more

Praise for Business Innovation

The Consumer is King!

The key to success for any
business is controlling its
destiny. For success, several
factors must be balanced and
the ultimate focus must be
listening to the consumer. It is consumer insight that drives all changes. So the consumer is
king in this great book!

Graham Murnion

Putting strategic thinking into practice

An insightful book that
highlights the importance of
thinking strategically,
delegating, and executing systematically. This book
focuses on putting strategy into practice in business.

Winston O’Keefe

Insightful business thinking

It’s an insightful read filled with step-by-step examples of what’s really important to grow a business sustainably.

Garth Cheney

A Treasure Chest of Great Business Concepts

The book emphasizes how powerful brands provide unique selling proposition’s by differentiating from those of the competitors in terms of quality, awareness, relevance, and brand association.

Martin Akerman

The book is new, so we await more praise from targeted readers.

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Note: Due to the changing trading relationship between the UK and EU, the books may be unavailable for sale and delivery to Iceland and Ireland from the UK (go to or

Readers Reviews for Business Innovation

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A Game-Changing Read!

December 22, 2023

Have you ever had a crystal-clear vision for your business but struggled to breathe life into it across your team? This book is the game-changer you’ve been waiting for!

Despite my best efforts, I hit roadblocks in translating my vivid business vision into a thriving reality. Enter this transformative read! With its insights and strategies, I’ve successfully aligned every member of my team with my mission, turning aspirations into tangible actions.

This book didn’t just provide clarity; it paved the way for a cultural shift within my company. Now, everyone is on the same page, actively contributing to our shared goals. Responsibilities are no longer murky waters—they’re clearly defined, ensuring that every team member knows exactly how they fit into the grand scheme of our sustainable growth.

If you’ve struggled to make your vision a collective reality, dive into this book. It’s not just a guide; it’s the catalyst your business needs for a transformative journey toward success!

Daniel Cameron

Comprehensive and a Clear Path Forward

November 16, 2023

Baldur Gudgeirsson’s book on Business Innovation has been a pleasure to read and has opened my eyes to everything I need to do to run a successful business. It is thorough, giving me a framework to strategically evaluate each part of my business. Whether you are directing a team, running a company, or starting one yourself there are golden insights in this book that will give you a clear path forward to growing your business.

Matthew M.

Status quo is not an option

October 8, 2023

Having read this book, I’ve gained a deeper understanding of implementing successful business innovations. This book delves into the critical aspect of continually discovering effective methods for business growth, centering on a fresh perspective of rethinking your business and strategic marketing. These two paradigms encompass the strategic plans that outline how a company generates revenue and profits in both the short and long run. The “business model vision and strategic marketing plans” are subsequently translated into practical execution through transformative changes. The process of creating maximum value involves harmonizing “business innovation” with authentic activation and execution, leveraging the inherent strengths of the company’s organizational structure.

Luke Bolden

A must-read for C-suite executives

September 5, 2023

To think about business from its essence and then build it robust is no easy task. This book demonstrates how to rethink a business and strategic marketing to build a robust company. Detail-oriented writing is at the core of the book’s flawless road path. The book explains that organizations must continually renew themselves, stressing boundaries and exploiting breakthrough innovations that create continuous competitive advantages. A key theme of this book is that consumer insights drive all change. Market leaders utilize a formalized approach to understand what lies ahead regarding evolving consumer insights and trends to stay ahead of the curve. Consumer insight gathering allows them to predict consumer needs and wants. In addition, they know to what degree their organizational readiness is capable of changing when capitalizing on evolving business opportunities. This is a must-read book for C-suite executives.

Maurizio Di Martino

Strategic thinking at its highest level

August 8, 2023

This book explains all the critical factors required to grow a sustainable business. As well as providing a practical guide to building a robust company, this book shows how to be spot-on at each phase. I highly recommend this book.

Andrew Dalby

A must read book

July 18, 2023

Aiming to facilitate proactive engagement, the book outlines plans to implement in real-life situations. This reading will prove highly advantageous to anyone eager to delve deeper into business innovation. Each chapter presents a systematic exploration of the subject matter and practical instructions on applying the concepts to real-world scenarios. It provides guiding principles and tangible examples for reevaluating your business approach, followed by a strategic marketing focus on fostering business innovation.

George H. Kirkpatrick

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Here are a few more details
about the book

Are you looking for inspiration on how to make your business successful? This book will present several proven methods to help you develop competitive advantages by showing you how to apply best-in-class business concepts and strategies.

Organizations must be capable of reinventing themselves repeatedly to sustain and grow their market position –beyond their competitors’ strengths. Whether you are a CEO, entrepreneur, business owner, marketer, or manager, this book provides a comprehensive business tool and practical guidance on how to build a robust business.

Rethinking your business reflects how your company plans to make its revenues and profits in the future. Additionally, continuous innovation of your brand offer allows you to capture, create, and deliver value above and beyond what your competitors do. Bringing these two together into a unified whole is what we call Business Innovation.

Successful companies operate with a clear vision, mission, and values statements. A shared understanding of capturing values is fostered deep down the organizational ladder. Through the brand’s product and service offerings, marketing, sales, service, finance, and operations collaborate leveraging the organization’s strengths to benefit consumers, customers, and the enterprise to the fullest extent possible.

This book will provide the reader with a comprehensive road map, including practical business guidance to help set them on the path to making their business successful.

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Note: Due to the changing trading relationship between the UK and EU, the books may be unavailable for sale and delivery to Iceland and Ireland from the UK (go to or

Business Innovation
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